CiN supporting Christmas for Kids in 2019

Christmas for Kids has performed over 170 shows for over 7000 children, families and carers since 2009. We bring interactive productions of storytelling, song, music and puppetry to children's hospices, at no cost to the receiving venues. Something that is unique about our work, is that we bring our shows directly to children with complex needs and life-limiting illness in the venues where they and their families feel most safe. Whether the audience is two children and their carers, or 200 children and families at a hospice Christmas party, we will be there, and adapt our performance space, style and interaction accordingly.

“The show was just the highlight of our calendar! ‘Harry’s Christmas Spirit’ was a wonderful story with a lovely easy and important content and done in such a fun, sensory and inclusive way... The acting and singing were amazing and everybody joined in. It was such a happy and uplifting place to be and Christmas for Kids will continue to be the highlight of the year for our children, families and staff!” - Senior Carer, Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice, of our 2019 show.

What is at the heart of our work:

  • We create shows specifically for children with complex needs or life-limiting conditions, making them feel seen and understood.

  • Our multi-sensory approach enables the experience to be fully interactive and participative.

  • Our content can be adapted to different needs, different venues and different audience sizes.

  • We take the performance to the child – and have a national reach.

  • We create happy memories by bringing the child’s community together in a shared experience.

  • We recruit professionally trained actors to deliver high-quality shows. 

  • We involve actors that have disabilities themselves.

Our shows are designed for children who are often excluded from experiencing and enjoying the arts due to barriers they face through disability. We work with children with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD), those on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD) and those with life-limiting illness. We make the content of our shows all-inclusive, there really is something for everyone, and we involve siblings, carers and parents just as much as the children themselves to provide a shared experience that everyone can enjoy at what can be a very difficult time of year for the families we serve.

“We had one teenager that struggles with his expressions and in fact this was a first time in a very long time we saw him smile and give active eye contact, which was amazing to catch on camera and I was able to show mum this.” Carer, Haven House Children’s Hospice

Our Outcomes:

  • To enable children with complex needs and people in their wider support network – parents, siblings, carers, and staff - to experience escapism and joy at Christmas   

  • To enable children to feel included through fully interactive Christmas shows that reflect and celebrate being different 

  • To provide children with a unique theatrical experience provided by top class performers who adapt to each individual

  • To improve the emotional wellbeing of parents, siblings, carers and staff

  • To provide skills development and community engagement opportunities for actors – with a focus on those early on in their careers and actors with visible/invisible disabilities

To support our work, please visit our FUNDRAISING page.

“This is why we love Christmas for Kids. The show and content is so suitable for ALL our children… and adults. It really caters for so many special needs but doesn’t patronise and even sneaks in stuff that the parents and staff love!!!” - Senior Carer, Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice

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